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With more than 25 years of experience, we offer our clients a one-stop solution for the complete supply chain. From an “idea on a napkin” to manufacturing at certified production facilities. Making sure your sustainable product is compliant and safe. And where we are committed to working towards circular business, together we create products that matter.

Product Development

Turning your ideas into successful sustainable products

We are committed to helping you develop products that fit market needs with experts in the field of product design and development. Working with companies from start-ups to multinationals to help create new products or improve existing ones.


Our services support all stages of the development cycle such as product development, research, design, and testing. And finally, a seamless transfer of the final products into manufacturing.

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Design & Engineering

Creating the blueprint of your sustainable products

Our ambition is to drive change together with our clients. The positive impact of good design cannot be underestimated.


Supported by a global network of designers, we can step in at any stage in the product design cycle. It can be as simple as starting from an “idea-on-a-napkin” concept by a client. And together, with frequent interaction, design and build a working prototype. We keep our process simple and flexible to meet your unique needs and expectations.

Quality Control & Certification

Making sure your products meet the standard set

Not only do you need to make sure your sustainable products need to comply with applicable laws and regulations, but you also want to make sure that the product is produced in a certified factory. Where products are manufactured in a responsible and ethical manner.


We provide comprehensive quality control and certification to ensure quality and compliance with all specified requirements. We work with highly qualified, independent third-party partners, globally recognized with the trusted skills and resources to perform quality control. Ensuring your products are safe and compliant.

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Sourcing & Auditing

Finding a reliable manufacturing partner

With decades of experience in production in Asia and Europe, we can take care of sourcing your products of interest through a network of factories located in The Far East and Europe.


Today majority of businesses see a pressing need to integrate sustainable practices into their supply chains. Unfortunately, they are faced with exceptionally complex decisions. The data needed to understand and better manage resources is often buried in inaccessible places and is difficult to decode and act on. This is where our expertise and experience will help you to navigate through the complexity to establish a transparent sustainable supply chain.

Compliance & Sustainability

Production of safe products that make a difference

We are committed to helping our clients develop safe and compliant sustainable products. Finding the right path in the complexity of rules and regulations can be very challenging and time-consuming. With our compliance expertise supported by a network of independent third-party compliance consultants and testing facilities, we help our clients to organize post-production product testing to ensure all legal requirements are met. Declarations, certifications, and statements of Compliance will be available after all tests are completed.


At 360 Flow we seek to contribute to a better, more sustainable future for the planet we live on. Our mission is to support the development of sustainable products using organic, recycled, and otherwise sustainable materials. While, at the same time, we minimize our environmental footprint. Together we can make a difference!

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