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We integrate sustainability practices at all levels of the supply chain and make it part of your DNA

Fixing the planet is just good business

Our Services

With more than 25 years of experience, we offer our clients a one-stop solution for the complete supply chain. From an “idea on a napkin” to manufacturing at certified production facilities. Making sure your sustainable product is compliant and safe. And where we are committed to working towards circular business, together we create products that matter.

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Based on our deep expertise and hands-on experience, we scope the development process and outline the proposed program schedule, resource plan, and risks.


We follow a rigorous engineering process that incorporates design-for-manufacturing early in our development, which enables us to bring innovative products to market faster and more reliably.


Prior to production, we validate the performance specifications through rigorous reliability testing, and we manage all critical workflows to create efficient manufacturing lines.


Unparalleled supply chain solution utilizing real-time data to help our customers optimize their business and implement clean production methods. 

Why Choose Us

25+ Years of Experience

Vast know-how of complex compliance matters

Broad worldwide network of certified partners

Your connection to trusted production facilities in Asia and Europe

One-stop solution for complete supply chain

Committed to work towards circular business

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